The youngest of Demi-Gods and the most recent fringe cult of magic. Gaeltaro and the Gaeltarons are the
Woman of Gaeltaro

Typical woman Gaeltaron

warriors,  hunters, and craftsmen. Their magic lays in blood but they are the least magic-based people (meaning, they are the least likely to use their magic in every day life). The Gaeltarons are generally good-hearted with perservering attitudes and strong morals. They are adverse to the Khiarias but take a defensive role for the most part. They bond strongly with nature (particularly Gaeltaro himself).

When not battling, Gaeltarons find comfort in building and doing good labor. They are excellent craftsmen (and women) and excellent hunters. The women are just as battleready and skilled as the men and the men are just as likely to do housework as the women. There is very little gender role in this cult Gaeltarons believe in community and often show intolerance toward those who think of themselves superior.

Life as Gaeltaron


Gaeltarons live in Ronso Valley found in South Hathos just outside of The Bone Yard. They are more accusomed to warm weather.

General Information

The typical Gaeltaron, if never seeing battle, can live to be 130 years of age on average. This is due to the blood which is soaked into the ground of their home. A Gaeltaron can extend their life infinitely if they are so inclined. This is done by bathing or soaking oneself in young blood (animal or human). Being that the Gaeltaron are generally of good moral, they often will not do so. However the possibility remains and some practice this through the blood of freshly hunted game.

Many of the Gaeltaron are illiterate. They share their stories verbally and have never found need in learning to read or to write. They enjoy good drink and food and are very inviting to outside people (should they not pose threat). Gaeltaron will be the first people to offer you a drink. They have a penchant to bar fights but these are usually in good sport rather than in heated debate.

Both men and women share duty on battlefield and in home. Gaeltaron are raised to be strong, self-believing, honest, and humble and they are taught from young age that family will always take presidence when hard decisions must be made. This is accepted.

Gaeltaron Symbology

Their symbol is a hammer and shield. Their color is deep red.

Traits and Statistics

Gaeltaron man

Typical male Gaeltaron


The average height and weight for a female Gaeltaron is 5'11" and 180 (mainly muscle). The average height and weight for a male Gaeltaron is 6'3" and 210 (also mainly muscle). They are not bulky in stature but tall and lean.

A typical Gaeltaron has tanned skin and brown or black hair. Their eyes are usually a black or brown color but there has been some which have been born with hazel eyes. It is common for them to have very smooth low voices, the men usually have a bit of husk. Like more life, they need to eat and sleep and maintain a high protein diet.

The Gaeltaron have rapid healing (wounds, they do not regenerate body parts) but are otherwise very mortal. While tales have been told of men and women who withstand great amount of wounds on the feild and live, this is primarily due to the blood spilled giving them strength. If they lose their head, they lose their head. They die. They are stronger than average due to diet and build but their super strength comes from blood spilled, it is not innate within them.

Statistics (out of 10)

Strength (Attack) ................. 7
Strength (Defense) ............... 5
Speed ................................. 6
Endurance ........................... 8
Intelligence .......................... 5
Longevity ............................. 6
Magic (Attack) ..................... 2
Magic (Defense) ................... 9



At the birth of a child, the men and women of the family (with the exception of the mother and the father) go to hunt a lamb in preparation of The Innocent Feast. The Child is bathed in lamb blood and made a lamb's wool blanket from the meat that is shared in celebration of the cycle of life and innocence.

Coming of Age



The marriage of a Gaeltaron can easily indimidate someone who was not born into their culture. While it is not common for another cult to marry into the Gaeltaron, there have been instances and there is no rule against it. Love is love in their eyes.

When a marriage for Gaeltaron is declared between the two engaging, they must spend one 30 full days apart from each other. This is to enrich their longing for each other and prepare themselves for the intensity of their bond together. The month is spent indulging in habits and joys which would be considered reckless or selfish for a family person to engage in. It is encouraged to purge all of these urges from yourself in this period of time.

On the 30th evening there is a large hunt by the attendees of the wedding to prepare a feast for the third day. For three full days the attendees work hard making a delicious rich meal and on the 31st day the woman's family and the woman come to the man's family home where they enjoy a wealthy breakfast together after the days of being apart.


When a Gaeltaron dies outside of battle, a ceremony is held. The body is drained of it's blood and poured over their family. This is to symbolize the passing of strength into the family. Then the body is burned. In the event that the Gaeltaron does not have family, the blood is scattered over the grounds of Ronso valley.

When a Gaeltaron dies in war their bodies are collected at the war's end. They are taken home and their blood drained and collected in one large pool. There is then a celebration of drink and dance around the fire of the flesh that is burned. The blood of the collective group is shared with the living to honor their strength. The collective blood is to symbolize that no one Gaeltaron is more or less important than the other.

More Customs, Traditions, and Ceremonies here

Relationships With Other Cults

The Gaeltaron have good relationships with the Yuitai (the people of Yuita). Gaeltaro himself seems to be very close with Yuita. The people of Gaeltaro are uniformly opposed to the Khiaris and the sub-division of the Madrukhush. Most Gaeltarons, while not afraid of the Madrukhush, stay at an arms length. Their relationship with the Hragial is hit and miss. Gaeltaro does not trust Hragial himself. However, some of their people are good natured. None of the Gaeltaron have found themselves particularly close to Dhuharens but they are not in opposition to them. Many Gaeltarons respect Dhuhare as their mother.

Notable Gaeltaron

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