General PersonalityEdit

Gaeltaro is many things but he can be summerised by 'warrior'. He is vigilant, he is strong, and he is capable of

making tough decisions for the better of the people but he acts for and listens to the people. He carries great conviction with him and prde but not ego. He will give credit where credit is due and respect every man and woman who dies amongst them. He will not request any single thing from a person that he is unwilling to do himself and handles conflict and trouble directly. As a great believer in the rules of challenges, when laws of war and battle have been set he will not break them. He dislikes cheaters and deceivers and when he gets his hands on them it isn't a pretty sight.

In recent years he has become a wanderer. There is a restlessness within him that has come with the calm of a world without current battle or war. While he is still strong and capable of greatness, he has chosen to disappear into legend and rebirth himself (not literally) as 'Balthazar Tishler'. Who Balthazar is remains often a mystery to the people but they have come to embrace him as the wise man.

He talks passionately about the world, about nature, about blood and about flesh and bone. He is not on poor terms with Madrukhush. It is common to see him in a bar as he watches the young blood fight and calmly smoking clove. There is something that always seems to be missing which he occationally sates with the hunt or poors into craftwork. He is a teacher of duty, ceremony, and battle and he enjoys conversations of depth over a good brew.

There is still a rumble in him, however, and ways to boil his blood. There is a great ache to rise to his fullest once more.

Shortened HistoryEdit

In his earliest days, Gaeltaro was challenging and strong. He rose from a field of war and carved morals of honor from there. He takes issue with rules of war and law not being followed once settled unless properly challenged again. He was born a leader and defender and initially took the side of Dhuhare.

However, as time moved forward and his seed spread he took his people to warmer lands and created a place his own for them. Together they founded traditions and ceremonies that would be followed for generations still and created a community of people that respected and cared for one another. This is proven by a direct lack of tribute rituals or worship rituals to Gaeltaro. All rituals and ceremonies celebrate the people and the blood bond they share. While small in size and still to this day one of the smallest cults in Alder, they are not to be trifled with.

When the wars ceized, he became restless. Not knowing much of life without battle his first instinct was to take up the hunt as to supply for his people and further his furocious nature. While this sated him well enough, the less blood he drew the more placcid he became and eventually he evolved in to who is now known as Balthazar Tishler.

For the most part, Gaeltaro is gone with the times of war being stilled. Balthazar is still as he always will be, a demi-god. However very few people of his know that if any at all with the exception of the other demi-gods.

While in ceremony, ritual battle, hunt or crafting, we can see a man of great strength, passion, skill and honor, Balthazar has become more and more a wandering soul. He is a Gentle Dragon as many say and he upholds traditions and ceremonies. Balthazar has become a fathering figure of wisdom and craft to those around him. He's often thoughtful and it is not uncommon for him to disappear from home for months on end.

Should the time arise when war brinks itself, the youthful warrior will arise again-- it's in his blood. Some part of him yearns for it. He thinks of his people first and he is an overall calm with the world.

Weaponry and ArmorEdit

In the beginning times the armor was minimal if any and the weapon of choice was bloodsoaked pikes and spear. He uses spears and pikes with great skill but he is capable with the bow and arrow, the axe, the mourning star, various sizes of knives and the broadsword.

When against a potent foe they fress in chainmail and steel which has been infused with blood magic.

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