In The Beginning...Edit

there was only darkness. Darkness was not evil, was not malicious, was not full of horror or deceit. Darkness was harmoneous, wholesome, patient, and ever present. Great power comes from darkness. It is not a destructive force and it is not to be feared. Quite the opposite. Darkness is the Mother of all things, the beginning and the end. She is protective and she is brave and her name is Dhuhare.

But even darkness grows lonesome, and so one day Dhuhare made Alder. She created the earth and the sky and the waters; she created the wind and the fire, and she created life. These people, the Dhuhare (or Dhuharean's) followed her in peace for many years. She taught to them the secrets of darkness and it's power and she watched them grow, have families, and live happy lives. However as these people came, and left to roam the lands, and eventually died, she decided to create another life. She made the moon and the stars and one day when she was feeling particularly whimsicle, dreaming of brightness and light, she breathed life in to them to create Khiari.

Khiari and Dhuhare lived in harmony with their people for many years until one day their differences became strikingly clear. Khiari was bright. He was strikingly handsome, smart, innovative and ambitious. As he grew older, as his people grew stronger, he knew that he had purpose as great as Dhuhare herself. To bring a new dawn to Alder. One of wealth and fortune and so the war began.

The Wars of Alder is a magic based fantasy still in production stage. It is created and owned by theartofmadness and is an original piece of work.

Latest activityEdit

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