The World of AlderEdit

The world of Alder is divided in to two major parts. Hathos, the largest portion of Alder which is of Dhuhare and the cults that have risen over the years. Lias which is a smaller portion of Alder on the other side of a dividing river in the north west.


Due to Hathos' span across Alder, Hathos is split in to two main sections. Hathos and South Hathos. Hathos is, primarily, of cooler weather. It does, however, have a warm season. The landscape of Hathos is stunning in rich greenery. It is full of rolling hills, mountains, and forests.

At the most North-East point are hills by the name of Rugarro and a Valley subsequently named Rugar. It is always cold in Rugar and the people here are a mixture of Yuitai and Water Hragiala who have parted from their collective community in seek of peacefulness.

To the left of Rugar is Ponsi which is much the same in temperature as Rugar but without the heavy and high hills. Dhuhare herself lives in Ponsi. At the very west edge of Ponsi is Oto's Thick. Travelling therein is greatly advised against but it has the only bridge which allows passage from Hathos to Lias and back.

Beneath Ponsi is Rikat which has a beautiful large forest called Sumati. Sumati is beneath Oto's thick and is on the North side of Yhotik Waters. Rikat is generally warmer than Ponsi but does occassionally suffer some devastating winters.

Beneath Rikat and to the East Edge is Ghost which spans into South Hathos all the way down the East edge. The Northern tip of Ghost has been occupied by, you guessed it, Madrukh. The Madrukhush who live in Ghost, however, are not separate believers or practitioners but they tend to be more integrated in the lives of other cults.

To the north of Ghost and south of Rikat is Somha which is considered the most southern point of Hathos (before travelling into South Hathos itself). It is mainly prairie land and has a large village called Tokhi which is occupied by the Air Hragiala who took to stand apart from the other Hragiala.

To the west of Somha is Yhotik Waters which parts east and west Hathos. In west Hathos (unofficial) is a large part of land called Napodi. While Napodi is large there is only a minor amount of it occupied. Northern Napodi is home to many small villages where Hragiala reside with the exception of Rhut's Hills where the independent Fire Hragiala have taken home. In the South-East of Napodi is a very expansive forest called Hudok where the independant Earth Hragiala have taken home. South and South-West Napodi is generally unoccupied by any mortal being but has plenty of wildlife.

South HathosEdit

In the southern part of Ghost lays Mijoh Row and Maaro's Forest. Maaro's forest spreads all along the crust of the east shore and Mijoh Row closes it in from the rest of alder with many large hill-tops. They are not as threatening as Rugarro but they take much work to pass through. Maaro's Forest is where Yuita herself has taken to reside.

At the very South-East is a small path which then leads up to a sharpened clif known as Hruta's Edge (but also known to some as Death's Point). Many stories exist and are told of a man known as Hruta who threw himself off in hope to find the Other Land but nothing has been validated in any written history that this is accurate.

To the west of Mijoh Row is Ronso Valley and The Bone Yard. The Bone Yard which spans days across the South Coast of Alder is directly below Ronso Valley. Ronso Valley is warm and smaller than most places in Alder. However it has a beautiful landscape surrounding it's warm hills and patches of greenery.

Should you make it through The Bone Yard you will come to a large scattered collection of stone ruins called Surat which is where the primary Madrukh live. To the west of Surat is a channel that lead to deep waters known as the Bloody Hollows. Across from these lays Drushik which is the grounds created by Sarrow.


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